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Main Processing】Swiss Turning, Die Casting, Sheet Metal Fabrication

The medical industry is a demanding market to serve. These parts are hard to make for a number of reasons. For one, many of them have multiple components that must fit and work together properly. These parts are also very small, which makes finding workholding difficult and machining the small, complex features required a challenge. In addition, designs for parts vary between customers. The shop needed a machine that could produce small, accurate parts while allowing for customization and adjustability.

Medical devices and instrumentation are on the cutting-edge of modern medical treatments. Endoscopy, surgery, advanced orthopedics and many other schools of medicine rely on medical devices to serve patients every day. Many medical devices, like bone screws, plates, rods, artificial joints and other devices and tools, many of these complex machines are incredibly precise and small, that require the machining capabilities of precision machine shops, and involve many parts that require swiss screw machining.

Our specialty in swiss turning has given us a special ability to better serve partners in the medical device markets. Many of these projects require very small and complex components that are only cost-effective when produced by swiss screw machining. Medical OEMs and suppliers count on us to provide parts that meet tight tolerances. Quality and attention to detail are everything when the components may be going into a human body.

At EXPEDITED, we use precision machining parts, sheet metal parts and die castings to manufacture parts that meet a variety of medical & healthcare equipment and instruments.Through long-term cooperation with equipment manufacturers in the medical industry, our strict quality and manufacturing requirements have earned us a reputation.

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