Aluminium Die Casting

Die casting aluminum is a manufacturing method to create metal parts. An aluminum bar should be heated and melted entirely at a high temperature and then forced into the pre-shaped mold cavity to create desired metal parts.The end product comes out with a smooth surface. Most of the time, the finished products don’t need minimal machining and move into the delivery stage quickly. Moreover, the die-cast mold is recycled to manufacture the same parts before it deteriorates. Therefore, aluminum die casting is an ideal manufacturing process for large-scale production. And that is why manufacturers prefer to die casting this and it is popular in various industries.

Cold Chamber Aluminum Die Casting

The aluminum die casting process uses the casting machine’s cold chamber. In the cold chamber machine, the melting pot is separated and the molten aluminum alloys then are ladled from the pot into the die under high pressure. After injecting the molten aluminum, it takes a while to solidify. Then, you need to separate the two halves parts of the mold to reveal the aluminum cast part.

Aluminum is injected into the die under high pressure using fully automatic high-pressure casting machines.The aluminium die casting machine opens the die when the molten metal has set, and the die casting parts are ejected.

The cycle is repeated quickly, so that many hundreds of cast parts can be made each day. This casting technique is highly suitable for thin-walled casting. Perfect for saving weight. High-pressure die casting is extremely suitable for casting with high dimensional accuracy and for batch sizes with more than 2,500 pieces. In many cases, the great dimensional accuracy of this die casting process eliminates the need to finishing service, thus significantly reducing finishing costs.
Quality Assured:

CNC Machining Post-Casting
Tolerances of +/- 0.05mm
High Volumes Of Parts In Short Timescales
Delivered 2 Days Early On Average
Lead Time From 4-5 Weeks
FAIR (First Article Inspection Report)

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Material Grades

Aluminium is the most common material for high-pressure die casting, however, we can also cast Magnesium and Zinc. If you require a specific grade not listed here, please do contact us to discuss your requirements.

Material Grades Available For Aluminium Die Casting


Typical Properties


Alloy A380 (ANSI/AA A380.0) is by far the most widely cast of the aluminum die casting alloys,offering the best combination of material properties and ease of production. It may be speci ed for most product applications. Some of the uses of this alloy include electronic and communications equipment, automotive components, engine brackets, transmission and gear cases, appliances, lawn mower housings, furniture components, hand and power tools. Alloy A380 has better than average machining characteristics.

A383 (ADC12)

If your component is highly intricate, 383——is often used as an alternative to A380.It has better corrosion resistances, is lightweight, and its benefits include ease of casting, good mechanical properties, and dimensional stability.


A413 is an aluminum alloy with excellent pressure tightness. This makes it a good choice for hydraulic cylinders. The castability of this aluminum alloy makes it a great choice for die casting intricate components.


Alloy 390 (ANSI/AA B390.0)is an aluminum alloy with high hardness and good wear resistance. This alloy is suitable for many applications including internal combustion engine pistons and cylinder bodies for compressors and brakes.


413 is an Aluminum based alloy that is used for die casting parts. 413 has many benefits:It offers a good combination of casting, mechanical, and thermal properties and it exhibits excellent fluidity, pressure tightness, and resistance to hot cracking.It is used for a wide variety of products.


NADCA dimensional tolerances for one aluminum die half
Standard: +/- 0.010 inch per 1 inch — then +/- 0.001 inch for each additional inch
Precision: +/- 0.002 inch per 1 inch — then +/- 0.001 inch for each additional inch

Tolerances For The Projected Area of The Aluminum Die Casting

standard tolerances

Up to 10 in²: + 0.0055 inch
Over 11 in² to 20 in2: + 0.0065 inch
Over 21 in² to 50 in2: + 0.0075 inch
Over 51 in² to 100 in2: + 0.012 inch
Over 101 in² to 200 in2: + 0.018 inch
Over 201 in² to 300 in2: + 0.024 inch

precision tolerances

Up to 10 in² : + 0.0035 inch
Over 11 in² to 20 in2: + 0.004 inch
Over 21 in² to 50 in2: + 0.005 inch
Over 51 in² to 100 in2: + 0.008 inch
Over 101 in² to 200 in2:+ 0.012 inch
Over 201 in² to 300 in2: + 0.016 inch

Advantages of Aluminum Die Casting

Pressure die casting aluminum alloy components have the following advantages compared to the ones made by other casting methods.

High productivity
Low wastage in the metal casting process
The very thin section can be casted easily
Do not require further machining
Good as-cast surface finish and appearance
Can be casted within close dimensional tolerance
Rejection due to casting defects is low

Industries Served

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Our aluminium high pressure diecast products are used in Automotive Industry, Lighting Industry, Medical Equipment, Electrical and Electronic Industry, Oil and Gas Equipment and many others. Over 85% of our customers are located around the world mainly to United States of America (USA), South America, United Kingdom (UK), Netherlands, Germany, China, Japan, Thailand, Singapore and India.

Why Expedited

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An extensive range of manufacturing materials over 50+ metal and plastic to suit specific machining and industry requirements. CNC Machining offers a wide variety of certified materials.

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One-stop machine shop cover all finish services you need. From bead blasting to polishing, anodizing to plating, laser etching and to painting, we offer every surface treatment you need to make a great finished part.

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