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Copper is known for being the best electrical conductor while having a relatively low cost.It is ductile, easily machined. Copper also has high corrosion resistance properties to rust, making copper machined parts popular for electrical applications.mostly in the automotive industry for radiators, cooling systems, and even heat exchangers.Furthermore, including valves, hydraulic tubing,coastal power systems and plumbing systems etc.

Pure copper is difficult to machine on 5 axis because of its high ductility and high cold workability.Copper alloys are often used in place of pure copper to improve machinability, especially when performing more intricate custom work. Completed operations include milling, slotting, drilling, tapping,

counterboring, Completed operations include milling, slotting, drilling, tapping, counterboring, chamfering, threading, knurling, brazing, grooving, trimming, and nickel plating.

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Machining Options

CNC Milling Turn-mill Machining
CNC Turning Bespoke Machining
Die Casting Surface Finishing
Swiss Automatic Machining Sheet Metal Fabrication

Copper C10100

Copper C10200

Copper C11000

Electrical and thermal conductivity, High corrosion resistance.110 Copper can be soldered with good results. It is the most expensive out of the 101-110 group because of it's composition, 99.99% pure copper with 0.0005% oxygen. perfect for electronic applications plumbing fittings, electrical components, waveguides, base plates, electron tubes etc.
An oxygen-free copper which has better forming, resistance to hydrogen embrittlement, and brazing characteristics than C110 ETP. Copper 102 is ductile and has high electrical and thermal conductivity, has good solder-ability and corrosion resistance and is used for high current applications. Known as electrolytic tough pitch (ETP) copper. An extremely popular copper alloy, with a wide range of applications due to its high corrosion resistance, conductivity, and finish.has a poor machinability rating of 20%. Used in transformers, electrical contacts, fittings,power transmission components etc.

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Low Brass

Forging Brass

Cartridge Brass

240 Brass / UNS C24000 / EN CW503L
Excellent ductility and ideal for deep drawing. Better mechanical properties than 230 Brass, but less corrosion resistant. Can be easily hot and cold worked. Applications include battery caps, musical instruments, clock dials, flexible metal hoses, bellows, and pump lines
377 Brass / UNS C37700 / EN CW612N
Has an highest possible hot forgeability rating of 100, good soldering and brazing characteristics, and is easily machined. Applications include furniture hardware, fuse bodies, and golf putters

260 Brass / UNS C26000 / EN CW505L
Has cold working and deep drawing properties, and allows for severe cold deformations due to high ductility. Applications include radiator cores, electrical components, lamp fixturestanks, flashlight shells

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Low-Leaded Brass

Medium-Leaded Brass)

330 Brass / UNS C33000
Excellent cold working properties, good corrosion resistance and machined more easily than 230 Brass and 240 Brass. Commonly used in pump cylinder liners, power cylinder primers, and J-bends.
340 Brass / UNS C34000 / EN CW600N
Excellent machining and soldering properties with high resistance to corrosion. Applications include dials, engravings, instrument plates, clock and lock parts, hose fittings, threaded connectors, and couplings

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