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Machining in the Communications Industry Share

Communications companies rely on premium quality parts in their equipment design. Inferior quality can cause equipment failure, leading to interrupted calls, poor video transmission, and satellite broadcast blackouts.

When it comes to CNC machining for communication industry needs, EXPEDITED offers a few options. Each project has different requirements based on the shape of the part and volume to be produced.In order to meet the high standards of the industry, we use die casting and precision machining to produce high-quality communication components and products. Small batches of products can be completed directly by machining or sheet metal, which can save more costs for customers. Such a manufacturing method has many advantages. For example, castings can provide finer designs, different part sizes and weights, and excellent surface finishes, while machining allows tighter tolerances and enhanced part performance.

As a leader in providing CNC communications components for over 20 years, EXPEDITED has the equipment and experience to produce the quality components you need. We are ISO-certified and work closely with customers to provide premium products and superior service. Whether you are producing components for today’s communications products or looking to design telecommunication technology of the future, we will help.

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