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As a company that has over 20 years experiences, Expedited Machining has been dedicated to providing quality machined parts at affordable pricing. Our focus is speed and efficiency to serve the needs of demanding deadlines and rigorous project requirements, often first time builds. Our core competencies include swiss machining,custom cnc machining, high pressure die casting, and the fabrication of metal parts and components. We also provide "light" assembly services.

At Expedited, we have an extensive line of equipment capable of providing you the short run CNC machining technology needed for your application. Our vertical CNC machining capabilities are ideal for smaller runs and prototypes, and our horizontal CNC machining capabilities support increased efficiency for high volume production. Reliable and flexible production and management capabilities, relying on our State-Of-the-Art CNC machining equipment and test equipment, can quickly supply and reduce costs. One-stop product manufacturing network can cover all finishing including: boring, drilling, knurling, broaching, grinding, hobbing, anodizing, painting, blasting, sanding and polishing etc, without worrying about delivery delays caused by substandard products and complex designs.

We are a very diverse manufacturer providing a wide range of products and services to support industries around the world, including semiconductor, energy, medical device, food processing, aerospace, defense, automotive, electronics, optics, instruments fields and many others. The highly skilled machinists can produce complex products that meet the customers'expectations. our professional team will help with comprehensive design analysis, screen the potential problems, help you with the choice of materials and processing techniques, and to help you find the perfect solution to meet each one of your needs and any regulations. We will gladly look at your plans and help you get the parts that you need.