Composite Machining

Turn Milling Machining

Turn-milling is an advanced processing technology. It has a strong ability of producing complicated curved surfaces or special-shaped parts, wherein both the cutting tool and workpiece are given a rotary motion simultaneously. In the field of aviation manufacturing, instead of using conventional grinding technologies, extensive studies have been conducted to produce difficult-to-cut thin-walled workpieces.

Mill-Turn is a Lathe with the ability to cut using tools that spin. In a Lathe, the part spins and the tools are stationary. In a Mill-Turn, you can do both. These machines are capable of Turning and Milling in the same set up. Turn milling is defined as the milling of a curved surface while rotating the workpiece around its center point. Eccentric forms or shapes that differ considerably from those produced by conventional milling or turning operations can often be turn milled. These machines have real power that allows aggressive Milling and Turning as opposed to a few simplistic milled features.