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Swiss Machining PartsSwiss Machining PartsSwiss Machining PartsSwiss Machining Parts

Swiss Machining Parts

  • 【Process】Swiss Turning, Swiss CNC Machining
  • 【Tolerance】±0.001
  • 【Diameter】Small Diameter Parts Under 1.25″
  • 【Great For】 high volume production
  • Description: Swiss Turning is a Ideal for large production runs of small turned parts (diameter≤ 1.25”) with tight tolerances parts. Including connecting components for aerospace and electronics, shafts, watch par
Swiss Machining
Ideal for large production runs of turned parts (under 1.25” diameter) with tight tolerances parts

Need a large quantity of parts machined? Swiss machining services may be the answer. Swiss machining is often ideal for small, complex parts. Examples include: Nuts, bolts, pins, needle valves, rotary valves, fasteners, spacers, and more.

CNC Turning VS Swiss Turning
Conventional CNC Turning examples of parts  including fluid controls, automotive ,castings
anything with a diameter larger than 1.5
better suited for short, large-diameter parts and larger parts with difficult materials
Swiss Type Turning examples of parts including shafts, watch parts, long medical devices and implant
a variety of connecting components for aerospace and electronics
great ideal for long parts and small-diameter parts under 1.25
produce complex precision parts with tight tolerances easily
great for the small runs from 1,000 pieces to high-volume production

Why Us?

From spinal implants to medical instruments to miniature aerospace components, extremely precise parts are the key to keeping some of most critical aspects of our modern world running smoothly.  Manufacturing these very small parts within near-perfect tolerances requires the right state-of-the-art equipment paired with the talent and dedication of the next generation of machinists.

Tolerances of +/-.0001” (0.00254mm)
Parts as small as .005” (0.127mm) (diameter and length)
Turned finishes to 8 microinches
Polished/lapped finishes to 4 microinches
RF Connector Industry expertise
Tight tolerance machining (aerospace)

ISO 9001:2015 certified and AS 9100D

About Materials

We run all grades of material such as, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper and plastics like Delrin and PVC materials.  We utilize cutting edge technology like LFV low frequency vibration which provides  more efficient improved tool life and a cleaner chip removal machining process.

Common Materials

Stainless Steel

303, 304, 416, Heat Treat SS, 17-4), 430F

Carbon Steel

12L14, 1018, 1144, 1215, 1141


2011-T3, 6061-T6


353,360,Lead Free Brass


C14500 (TeCu), C10200 (Oxy-Free)


Delrin, Peek


Pipe, Tubing, solid bars, hex bars, run special extrusions

Industries Served

Expedite offers a variety of industry-leading quality assurance measures in order to promise the absolute best results for each of the products we produce no matter the size of your project. Our swiss machining parts have served for various fields such as :

power transmission ● Medical/ dental/ surgical tools or devices
Robotic mechanisms ● Aerospace /defence
Fuel systems ● Pneumatics / hydraulics
Optical measurement components ● Electrical /electronics

Benefits of Swiss Machining

The piece is held steady in the position near the operation point and not affected by the force of tools, the precision can be maintained in tight tolerance.

Often a single heavy cut can remove all the necessary material while avoiding deflection.

Small parts with complex profiles and configurations can be manufactured, including thin walls, deep cuts, and more intricate features.

Because the Swiss machine can perform multiple operations at once, the production speed is much higher than common lathes.

Secondary operations can be eliminated since the Swiss can mill, drill, ream, saw, and do many other operations. a shorter cycle of the production run.

Surface finish can be excellent eliminating the need for grinding.

Ready to Get Started?

Upload a 3D CAD file of your machined part and within a few hours we'll send you free design analysis and an interactive quote.


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